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A clean, pristine pool is an Arizona summer pleasure that can’t be topped when it comes to quelling our Mesa’s famous June-thru-August heat. Oppositely, an unkempt, unclean pool is more than just an unpleasant environment. It can be as hazardous in its own right as swimming without proper instruction.

As an experienced and locally owned Mesa pool service and pool repair company, our team wants you to get the most from your pool. With that in mind, as the mercury keeps climbing while summer wears on, your friendly pool repair Mesa service family has some timely pool cleaning tips to keep your pool a safe place to be these next few months.


The things that best keep your pool area sanitary fortunately take only a little consistent time throughout the week, and the year, to stay on top of what builds up in and around the water both when its in use and when it’s not.

Our pool repair Mesa professionals recommend 2-3 weekly water-chemistry checks once summer starts, including checking and adjusting Deck-Chlor/inline cholinators once weekly. At the same time, check your flow and chlorine readings and add chlorine and catalyst tabs as needed. During the fall and winter months, you can safely get by with one check per week just to stay on top of things. Skimmer baskets need emptying about once a week and your pump’s hair and lint-collection pots will need to be cleared roughly every few weeks, but schedule these chores as frequently as conditions seem to require.

A few further weekly recommendations:

  • Keep an eye on water clarity and in-floor cleaning systems when you take care of weekly maintenance checklists, ideally when you go to wipe and clean tile lines
  • Clean filters regularly, especially after heavy storms that can pour dirt, debris and other unwanted radicals into your pool but always about every 4-6 months
  • Clean salt water chlorine generator blades – if you have one installed – roughly every 30 days, and especially if you see a red flow light or lower-than-normal flow meter readings


The main objective of all of these tips is simple: vegetation,animals, certain chemicals such as fertilizers and ironites and other waste products have no place in your pool. The truth is, these materials can lead to unpleasant reactions ranging from irritated eyes, nose and throat after swimming to potentially dangerous infections to any open cuts or sores.

Your Mesa pool service cares about your safe, enjoyable swimming conditions. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and provide other tips, in addition to those listed above, for caring for your pool and getting the most use and enjoyment out of it. Feel free to give us a call for more pool cleaning tips or to schedule a pool service Mesa appointment.