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Our time as Pool Cleaning Mesa pros has shown us some unusual things. Occasionally, we pull some strange things from swimming pool floors and filters and just have to ask, “How did that get there?” Every so often, we stop ourselves short and just admit, “Never mind. We just don’t want to know.”

This, though? This is a new angle for us.

Luckily, most Pool Service Mesa companies never have the surreal opportunity to see a swimming pool’s surface from its bottom. We have to admit, though, Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich’s trippy perspective is nothing if not curiously tempting. Erlich recently built not one but two full-size fake swimming pools for interactive display at Kanazama, Japan’s 21st Century Museum of Art and New York’s PS1 Art Center.

From the surface, it looks like an unremarkable enough in-ground pool at first glance, from the rippling surface to the step ladder for “entry.” Actually, it’s only a superficial layer filled with 4 to 5 inches of water that hangs as the “ceiling” to a lower room where people may walk freely – and dryly – beneath the “pool’s” surface.

The whole experience looks beautiful, bizarre, and, if we may say so…quite tranquil.

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