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It might sound a touch odd at first to think of a single authoritative guide to Chandler pool service water safety. It just seems like a subject about which there couldn’t be many new things to say.

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On the other hand, one guide has poured a half-century of authors Rachel and Tom Griffiths’ experience into a single volume that should be within arm’s reach of various safety-minded aquatic professionals from certified lifeguards to swimming pool technicians: the recently released third edition of The Complete Swimming Pool Reference.

The Griffiths’ third printing now features insights from leading safety sign and label designer and manufacturer Clarion Safety Systems meant to drive home the importance of clearly marking dangerous areas to ward off intrepid and curious young swimmers. Additionally, the revised printing included an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act, extended chapters delving into risk management and more in-depth discussions on water safety’s overall importance.

Clarion CEO Geoffrey Peckham penned his own chapter, “Rethinking Pool Signage,” in order to explore the “why” and best practices in clearly labeling water for safety. It’s certainly his wheelhouse: Peckham is the current chair of the ANSI Z535 Committee for Safety Signs and Colors and the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 145 (Graphical Symbols.)

The guide isn’t strictly a rehash of standard Red Cross sensibilities on water safety. It delves into the more technical minutiae of pool operations manuals and places them into context with established water safety practices. It’s a volume tailored to be as accessible and useful to lifeguards, swimming and diving coaches and residential pool owners as it would be to pool managers and operators like Chandler pool service.

More information on the value of strict pool safety is available on Clarion’s website in a brief video called “Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents and Lawsuits.”



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