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Chandler pool repair service hates to hear these kind of stories, but it is definitely important that we are all aware of the respect and care that a pool requires. It only takes a second for a tragedy to happen, so in reading this story, please remember to watch your kids around the pool.

Tassie Anne Behrens lost her two toddlers last year in a tragic drowning incident in Mt. Helix, Calif. On Monday, the 28-year-old former mother pleaded guilty to two felony child endangerment charges.

Behrens now faces a Sept. 17 sentencing date wherein she’ll receive probation, at minimum, or anything up to seven years and four months in prison. In a case related to Behrens’, her 45-year-old friend Larry Dangelo will be sentenced to five years in prison at his Sept. 23 date after pleading guilty to manufacturing hash oil.

Arresting Sheriff’s Detective Norman Hubbert and other deputies found a reported five-dozen marijuana plants in the basement of Dangelo’s 10011 Sunset Ave. home when investigating it as the site of two-year-old Jason Bradford, Jr. and 16-month-old Harley Bradford’s May 12 deaths. During testimony last year, Hubbert recounted Behrens at first telling him that the two toddlers had died at a Spring Valley mobile home park.

She then confessed after Hubbert informed her that officers had visited Dangelo’s rented Sunset Avenue home.

According to incident reports, Behrens took her children swimming that night, but that Behrens, Dangelo and the children all went to bed around 9 p.m. The children were left alone on the couch while Behrens and Dangelo slept together in another bedroom, though Behrens testified that when she used the restroom around 4 a.m., the children were still on the couch.

Four hours later, she said, Jason found Behrens and asked her where Harley had gone. At that time, Behrens admitted, she went back to sleep.

“She went out to the back patio that overlooks the back yard and saw the children face-down in the pool,” Hubbert said.

Harley was pronounced dead after being rushed to Grossmont Hospital. After being transferred to Rady Children’s Hospital, Jason too died.

Again, your chandler pool repair service urges you to please take absolute care in making sure that your pool is safe. Make sure that your fence is secured with an approved locking mechanism. Simple steps like these can prevent these types of tragedies from happening. Our condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in drowning incidents.



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