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When is the best time to acid wash a pool in Phoenix, Arizona? No better time than the present.

The best time of year for acid washing pools in Phoenix is winter of course, or anytime the temperature outside is under 90 degrees.

One reason to acid wash your pool in under 90 degree temperature is plaster pools can crack in high heat. This is not to say you cant pull it off by keeping the plaster hosed down, but you’ll need to dedicate 2 days out of your life to do it; and don’t think you’re going to hold the pool professional responsible if your pool plaster cracks, they’ll most likely have you sign a waiver.

Acid washing in the cooler months can also help you save a few bucks as the acid wash process can be brutal in Phoenix summer heat.

Another reason to acid wash in cool temps is so that your pool is ready to rock and roll when you get home and it’s a billion degrees outside. Am I right or am I right? I’m right.

Ok, now that we’ve concluded how right I am about acid washing pools, make sure your pool is nice and purdy when summer comes a knockin..and your neighbors and your neighbors kids and all their friends because that’s what pools are for don’t be stingy.

Acid washing start’s @ $300 (includes the draining, cleaning and start-up chemicals)

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