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Our Acid Wash Process

One of our most requested services is the acid wash. Let us come and inspect your pool to verify that an acid wash is absolutely necessary before you decide on this service. Many times, a pool service person may have not been trained in some of the techniques that we are able to use for your pool’s condition.


Our acid wash process includes draining your pool. A sewage cleanout is where we like to drain the water however, they are not always accessible, oftentimes they can be buried in landscaping, or some older homes just don’t have them. If you are unable to locate your cleanout your next best option is to drain somewhere on your property like a large grass area that can absorb the water otherwise, you might need to contact a plumber to locate your cleanout. Draining into the street is ok in some cities, like Tempe. but most cities require for you to drain onto your own property. 

Here is a picture of a typical sewer cleanout. They are generally located in the front yard near your home. 

Acid Washing

When the pool is drained, we will return for the acid washing process. We start by cleaning all the dirt and grime, like in your autofill tank, behind light fixtures and inside of skimmers. You’d be surprised at just how much muck there is hiding in these places. After a thorough flush of the pool, we can begin with the acid washing. We will mix an acid solution that works for your surface, making sure it’s not too aggressive while being strong enough to strip away staining.

Fill’Er Up

After acid washing, we will start the filling process by leaving your garden hose running in the pool. The fill process can take roughly 24 hours depending on your pool size and water pressure. At this point, it will be up to you to watch the pool and make sure you don’t flood your backyard by overfilling. The necessary start-up chemicals for the new water will be provided for you.

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